The birth of Jane.

Botanical Perfume Serums - Absinthe Rabbits answer to synthetic fragrance and perfume.

The narcotic essence of Tuberose reveals her bewitching nature, in Jane, Absinthe Rabbits new botanical fragrance. During the Italian Renaissance, it was forbidden for unmarried girls to walk through the gardens where tuberose was growing for fear she would fall under its erotic and intoxicating power, succumbing to men also maddened by this erotic smell. A woman who exudes the scent of tuberose mimics the cry of ecstasy. Jane has a mind of her own, generous, yet softly demanding. She asks for what it is she truly wants. This narcotic red-amber blend includes a subtle, yet heady combination of flowers with woody undertones creating an intoxicating,earthy aroma.  

 Ode to Antares. 

Greetest the sailor rising from those seas Where first in me, a fond romanticist, The tropic sunset's bloom on cloudy piles Cast out industrious cares with dreams of fabulous isles -- Thou lamp of the swart lover to his tryst, O'er planted acres at the jungle's rim Reeking with orange-flower and tuberose, Dear to his eyes thy ruddy splendor glows Among the palms where beauty waits for him. -Alan Seeger