Perhaps it seems untimely in December to post about Monsters, yet I recently received orders for my Monster Monster spray so I resurrected it and will share the story and poem with you. I wrote this poem many years ago while babysitting a young boy who refused to go to sleep due to the monsters in his room. I quickly wrote these verses to chase away monsters and off to sleep he went confident that all the monsters had gone elsewhere. Last year I created a spray with a blend of essentials oils designed to induce sleep, relaxation and sweet dreams and put the poem on the label.  Although I no longer feature the spray in my shop, I will happily blend some for you if you like, just connect with me  

In the meantime, recite this to chase away any of those beasties and sweet holiday dreams. 

Go Away Monster Spray

Monster, Monster go away,

Under the bed you can not stay

In the closet, you must get out

Or I will have to loudly shout

Behind the bedpost will never do,

and my toychest has no place for you

So leave my room without a peep

For now its time to go to sleep.  -the rabbit