I need a little Christmas, right this very minute. 

Sometimes a little extra inspiration is needed when December rolls around and the view out the window is a Palm tree. No snow covered pines on this island. I've decided that starting today, December 1st, I will do something every day, with intention. Something that celebrates the season. Nostalgic things, festive things, things that are kind and bring joy. Things that are "fun''.   December is a busy month at the apothecary, and if I don't take a little time out to do ''intentional things'' I find myself exhausted, without much holiday spirit, and wondering what even happened to December. I don't want that to happen anymore, not ever again. 

I started my celebration by putting  Dean Martin's Holiday station on Pandora, featuring Nat, Bing, Andy and the boys, A good dose of nostalgia right from the start. Then I decided to bake a batch of shortbread, chocolate drop cookies. Now for some of you, I imagine that is no big deal, but for me, well, I never bake. I can't even recall the last time I baked cookies. As I rolled the dough between my palms, felt the warmth from the oven and carefully pressed the chocolate drops into the center of the freshly baked cookie, I was surprised at how much pleasure this simple task brought me. Plus I've already shared a plate of still warm cookies with the neighbors.  

I think it will be easy to choose one intentional thing daily.  I possibly will find myself doing several things. Yet the key is to do these tasks with pleasure and awareness.  Come join me as I celebrate, or maybe you'll choose your own daily celebrations......Oh What Fun! 

Decorating the Sea Shed