I am fixing a hole where the rain gets in and stops my mind from wandering. 

For a brief few moments everyone on the beach on Sullivans Island near Charleston, SC became acutely aware of their environment during the total eclipse. In the path of totality we experienced a flash of light followed by spontaneous outbursts of cheers and applause.The moon and the sun, the sun and the moon. An entire beach filled with incredulous people jumping up and down, whooping with excitement and awe. In a literal flash nothing will ever be the same. I recall looking around and feeling as if the sun was setting in a 360 degree circle around me. The clouds overhead made everything more vibrant and colorful. Everything felt surreal, as if for a few moments the earth was simply upside down. I had the crazy need of wanting to look everywhere around me at the same time, spinning, spinning, spinning in circles asking: ''are you SEEING THIS? "Then the flash again and another eruption of cheers and applause and more jumping up and down. A spectacular performance indeed. The effects lingered into the evening creating one of the most vibrant colorful skies during a Sullivans Island sunset. 

For the benefit of Mr. Kite, there will be a show tonight on trampoline. 

According to yoga and Ayurveda, eclipses are an especially fruitful time for meditation, mantra and spiritual practices. The window of the eclipse is potent 2-3 days before and after the eclispe (some say up to 9 days). I love knowing that all of the potions and botanicals I've been creating are naturally infused with this potent energy. I've even blended 2 limited edition Eclipse botanical roll ons that will be available at the Isle of Palms Farmers' Market  beginning Thursday August 31st.  One is called Eclipse: Grounding and the other is Eclipse: Changes of Heart and Mind.

As I batch in the apothecary I am listening to a lot of Pink Floyd, Ravi Shankar, Bowie and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. It feels perfect. Necessary as I've always believed the energy of what is happening around me, including music, happily infuses itself into Absinthe Rabbit products. 

I am including 3 pictures taken the day of the Eclipse. The sunset was taken by visitors from Hawaii, the other two are taken by pho-pro Susan Stevenson, Mt. Pleasant 1 minute apart. 

These pictures by Susan Stevenson taken 1 minute a part

And I think my space ship knows which way to go.