''You Can Learn a lot from the Flowers" - Alice in Wonderland

Saying what you have to say "through the flowers" is an Estonian expression for softening the blow, or saying what you have to say with gentleness. At Absinthe Rabbit we love all the gentle, softening properties of our floral filled "Through the Flowers" beauty steam. 

Facial steams are floral meditations for the face. They are not only a luxury but a must. These soothing steams regenerate skin and spirit, decongesting and detoxing both body and mind. Imagine a close-up interaction with the flowers and leaves, allowing a re-connect to the nature spirits residing within these medicinal plants. 

Absinthe Rabbit has carefully gathered and selected a variety of  organic or wild-crafted herbs and flowers known for their beauty and healing properties in its "Through the Flowers" Beauty Steam. 

Calendula: A beloved skin favorite known for its healing, reparative and soothing skin properties and lovely sunny appearance. 

Gotu Kola: known for its anti-inflammatory benefits for skin issues such as eczema and dermatitis 

Blue Cornflower: wound healing and spiritual benefits are said to stimulate creativity and enhance acceptance of one's more eccentric and off beat personality traits. A lovely blue flower. 

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The Ritual of Steaming: 

Place a generous handful of Through the Flowers in a heat-proof bowl. Prepare a towel to cover your head during the steam session and begin with clean skin.  Boil fresh, filtered water and pour 1 to 2 cups over the herbs and flowers to make a strong, fragrant infusion. Let set 1-2 minutes. Lean over the bowl to steam your face with the pleasantly hot (not scorching) steam, tenting your head and the bowl with a towel. The hot steam will help open the skin's pores and the herbs will penetrate deeper to aid purifying, healing, and moisturizing. Guidelines for length of steam vary. If it has been some time since your last steam begin with 3-5 minutes once per week. Steaming your face for 15 minutes to half an hour is said to be more beneficial. Use your intuition and use this time to relax and renew. Follow with a No. 2 facial mist and No. 3 Serum. 

After steaming; strain the herbs and reserve the infusion in the refrigerator for up to 2 days. Warm it and and use as a final hair rinse for all hair types or add the water to your bath. Alternatively, you can mix a handful of the dried flowers with sea or epsom salts and add to bath water. 

So change your perspective by dropping a handful of flowers into a bowl and steaming. When you are ready to face the world you'll be more inclined to explore it ''through the flowers''.