Organic, Skin Care, Body Care, Botanical Fragrance

Life is more than a routine, it's a ritual.

Absinthe Rabbit was born out of the desire to create a high performance, healing skin care line. A simple 1-2-3 ritual brimming with organic, aromatic ingredients. Potent elixirs crafted to create firmer, healthier, more radiant skin. We use the purest ingredients and keep Mother Nature in mind.

At Absinthe Rabbit we know that skin is the largest organ of the body. Knowing this, we couldn't stop with just facial skin. so we added our Aromatic Apothecary and expanded our line to include moisturizing products for after sun and shower. Next came Aromatherapy, Perfume Serums, healing salves Chakra Roll-Ons designed with uplifting and calming benefits.

The organic, hand blended tea line was created out of a lifelong desire. appreciation and love of tea. Fresh, organic, loose leaf, hand blended teas. Teas that comfort, uplift and nurture. Teas that cool, calm and cleanse. Lately we have come to discover that anything left to brew loose leaf, whether in a jar under the sun, or in a kitchen pot, press or cup, surpasses most anything restricted to a bag or even a strainer. Call it freedom verses form, it tastes different. Organic, fresh, loose leaf.

We believe that bringing attention, purpose and awareness to everything we do in life is essential. Whether this is radiant skin care, a soak in the tub, or brewing a cuppa; these things require attention and intent. Done in a specific order, with desire and focus.

Do this and you will create ritual.

Ritual brings contentment and the feeling that the body, mind and spirit are alive! Welcome to Absinthe Rabbit.

We are located on Sullivan's Island, a small island currently rated one of the 10 happiest seaside towns in America. This is where we create hand poured and blended products in small batches by the sea. With love and of course...happiness.

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